1. Love Garden, $45

2. Another Day with Nature, $40

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singleton tha...

OK girl, now you have to tell me, the colors are so vibrant and alive,
what is your medium?
I imagine it to be acrylics laced with henna and
palm leaves
coconut hearts
and ruby red wine!

K M F tha...

nice painting

Angela tha...

Woooo!!! Wonderful works! I love them! Thanks for sharing them with us! *HUGS*

constance tha...

Your works are getting more and more expressive LY! Wonderful! I find the paintings with cubic colours unique and special :)

lalover tha...

Back at cha. I looove your blog. And am very interesting in communicating with you about your thoughts on pricing. Seems you have it all worked out. P.S., I'm adding you to my blog. I'd pre-shate the blogroll add as well. Peace.


Kawana Aminata Oliver tha...

Nice Gurl! Happy New Year ;-)

Lyrically speaking tha...

Thank you all for the love. Singleton: You are too much, my medium is acrylic with passion and of course some coconut hearts and wine, lol

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs tha...

I'm digging "Love Garden"...take your time and do you as you do you!

VinK tha...

wow..stunning, very uniqe and charming, make me curious to see more...:)

VinK @ Millionminds